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About Us

BCs Pinball was started back in 2005.

Tina and Bruce Crawford are the owners of the company where we started carrying different parts and selling reconditioned Pinball machines.

We started developing LEDs for Pinball use back in fall 2006 and everything was down hill from there. We start with LEDs to help preserve the games so they will be around for my kids and their kids

I have been using my background is Mechnical and Aerospace engineering, which includes 15+ years experince in the Automotive, Nuclear, Power Generation, and Aerospace, to develope LED bulbs to best emulate the incandencent bulbs they are replacing.

We strive to provide the Best product available at a reasonable cost and stand behind it.

It has been a rough year and half for us here adjusting to family life changes and dealing with family health issues, so our response to customers has changed to accomidated our limited time we have. We try to get all our orders out in a timely matter and are limited to processing orders about 3 times a week. We are a small Hobby business that we provide products for the Pinball hobby and other Hobbies.

What Makes Our LEDs Different

1.) ALL OF OUR LEDs HAVE A "1 Year Warranty"
We have agreements with all our Manufactures on Quality control of our LEDs. If they fail we get credit for the bad LEDs and will send you a replacement. To honor the Waranty, we need the bulb return to us.

2.) 3 years Experience Developing LEDs Bulbs for Pinaball
We have been around the longest as Pinball LED bulb Designer, all Bulbs are AC/DC capable.All Bayonet based bulbs are Non-Polarized. All Bulbs will work in Electro-Mechanical, Solid State,and Dot-Matrix Display type Pinball Machines. Only machine we have not achieved yet are Capcoms

3.) All Our LED bulbs are "Designed Specifically" to work in Pinball machines.
Using 16 years of Engineering experience and research what all type of LEDs are available, we have pushed to make the LED bulbs emulate the colors and functionallity of a standard Incandescent bulbs they are replacing.

4.) All of our LEDs are Built to Our Specification
Screened by our manufacture to meet our Specifications for light output, Color Spectrum, and Component quality. Our LEDs are not off the shelf Automotive LEDs, like our competitors sell. Just changing the voltage to use them.

5.) WE include components in Our LEDS to protect you machines from any LEDs short that could overload other Pinball Power Driver Board Components. Our Competitors DONT"